Top Mounted Magnetic level indicator meant for road tanker
Principle of Operation

In this rail/ road tanker level indicators, the float which is moving up and down with reference to level rise or level decrease has an embedded magnet inside the float. Inside the housing tube there is an indicating tube having a powerful magnet at the bottom. The indicator tube has the marking ehich are engraved at every 10 mm. These units are mounted on to the top of the rail/ road tankers. When the user wants to see the level inside the tankers he has to open the cap and pull the indicator rod up slowly and he will feel at one place a magnetic linkage when the intenal float magnet which is at the buoyancy point of the liquid present. At that time whatever the immediate marking shows above the housing tube will be the height of the road tanker's level. After measuring this, the indicator tube is pushed inside against the magnetic linkage and the same is tightened with cap. This is meant for pressurised vessels which holds flammable liquids and liquefied gases due to ita inherent magnetic linkage.

Material specification

Customized suiting to the service media and op. conditions
Available in SS 304/ SS 316/ PP/ PVC/HDPE/ PVDF/ PTFE etc.



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