External Cage Type Float Operated Magnetic Level Switch Side-Side Connection With Externally Adjustable Switches
Principle of Operation

This is a float operated level switch having a single float for high or low operation enclosed inside the cage having side-side connections to process tank. Here the float which carries the magnet moves up and down sensing the level increase or decrease inside the external chamber. These switches are externally fitted i.e. they are clamped outside the chamber pipe. These switches are latching type and they are either reed or micro type. Once the float moves up due to level rise while exceeding the actuation points the float magnet actuates the switch i.e. (nc to no). It remains as no contact because of the latching arrangement inside the switch though the level continues to rise to the maximum. When the level drops lower than the set point the contact changes though the level goes down even to its lowest position such as even to zero position.

Material specification

Customized suiting to the service (fluid) and temperature.
Available in SS 304/ SS 316/ pp/ pvc/ hdpe/ pvdf/ ptfe etc


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